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Our Features

Currently we offer the types of redirections mentioned below. Please contact us via telegram if you have any requests for redirect types. We will look into it, to make sure our services fit our customers demand.

URL redirect

Redirect your existing, long url to a short one. Attrack visitors with your short and easy to understand url like[your-postfix]

Lightning node

It's always hard to remember your node pub key. Register your pubkey and use your lnshort adress for instant Lightning keysend payments.

QR Code

Need data in a QR code? Register any kind of data to our redirect and scan in using your QR code scanner on your mobile phone.

Lightning Invoice

Share your LNURL invoice to others as a QR code. This QR code can for example being used for donations on events.


Our pricing model is based on the period of time you need the redirection. Longer periods have a cheaper price per day.

Be aware, this project is focussing on the adoption of Bitcoin. You can only pay our service via the Bitcoin Lightning Network, since it's usecase is micropayments.


1 week

We process your redirection for 1 week. Perfectly suitable for short term redirects that shouldn't be available after one week.


Price per day: 0.7 sat


1 month

We process your redirection for 1 month. Suitable for medium term redirects.


Price per day: 0.5 sat


1 year

We process your redirection for 1 year. Suits all your needs for long term redirects.


Price per day: 0.3 sat